Enjoy Uganda lifestyle
We give our volunteers an opportunity to travel and experience all parts of Uganda by create budgets depending on which locations they wish to visit and guides can show the wonders of our country without the hassle and stress of being alone in the unknown.

In the mornings, when the sun is rising above Mountain Elgon there is opportunities to do hiking into the tropical mountains or shower in beautiful waterfalls surrounded by coffee plantations. You can also eat mixed tropical fruits like pineapple, mango and jack fruit for breakfast with passion fruit juice and tea.
In the evenings you’re always welcome to play football or any game with kids and youth, chat with them, sing and learn African songs or go for a walk in hilly village areas. Local people and especially children are very happy to spend their time with “Muzungu” (white person). Anywhere you go they greet you “Muzungu, how are you?”

On the weekends and other days-off it’s a good time for touring and exploring Uganda – the pearl of Africa. We have plenty wonderful touring opportunities in our area.

Mbale – Mountain Elgon National Park with Sipi falls, local tribes, picturesque nature, etc.
You also have the opportunity to visit BCU, a coffee factory just outside Mbale, which has been appreciated among previous volunteers.

Lake Victoria- Take a boat ride out to see the island with a chimpanzee sanctuary and discover a huge variety of African wildlife.

Jinja- A beautiful town home to the Source of River Nile and many other attractions like white water rafting, bungee jumping and kayaking.

Karamoja region – Highly populated by uncivilized herdsmen tribes, retaining their traditional religious beliefs and unique lifestyle

Kampala – Our bustling & vibrant capital city with lots of opportunities to go to western style restaurants, hotels and clubs. You can also visit the Mandela National Football Stadium and watch the Ugandan football team take on different opponents.

Entebbe – Not only the location of Entebbe International Airport (Uganda’s main airport), this is also a cozy little town surrounded by Victoria lake with a zoo, botanical gardens, and sandy beaches along the shore of the lake.